Our Therapy Programmes

Activities that children enjoy

Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy is beneficial for children and teenagers with a wide range of special needs. The technique used in Achieve Therapy combines the two disciplines to provide a fun interactive method of input. The child’s assessed Occupational Therapy needs are addressed through gross and fine motor and coordination activities which make up the group sessions. The Speech and Language needs are addressed at the same time through the language and communication element of the activities. In this way, therapeutic input is provided in a fun proactive way that children enjoy.

We have developed therapy programmes to help children with specific needs.

Early Intervention Services

Aims to get children ready for the challenges of mainstream preschool and school.

Run by SLT, OT and Teachers.

Each child has their own personal goals.

Focuses on Listening, Language, Motor, Emotional Regulation, Social Communication and Play skills

Parent Education and Training Home Visits
School and Preschool Liaison

Speech and Language Therapy

Individual one to one sessions cater for both children with developmental speech and language delays and special needs. This one to one intervention is focused on the child’s speech, language and communication needs.
We provide assessment and treatment for the diagnosis of Phonological delay/disorder, Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), Language Delay/Disorder, Articulation Disorder, Dysfluency.

Occupational Therapy

Individual one to one sessions to develop skills in areas such as attention and concentration, organisation, sequencing of tasks, handwriting, fine and gross motor coordination.
We provide assessment for the diagnosis of Developmental coordination disorder-DCD, Dyspraxia and Sensory Integrative Disorder.



To make an appointment or ask about any of our services please contact us at
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About us

Achieve Therapy consists of a team of experienced Speech, Language and Occupational therapists. This specialist clinic offers combined speech and occupation therapies to provide support for children with a wide range of special needs.



Clubs and Activities

Social Super Hero’s Club
The Write Moves Club
In Tune with You
Super Movers
Therapeutic Yoga

Our Initial Consultation

We like to meet initially with the family to establish each child’s strengths and needs.

During the consultation we like to get to know and build a rapport with the child and family.

We provide information on all of our clinical interventions in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

After the consultation we recommend the appropriate therapy pathway that will benefit your child.

Need more info?

If you need extra information about any of the services we offer, call the clinic at  085 1320193 or email info@achievetherapy.ie