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Fine motor: referring to movement of the small muscles in the fingers, toes, eyes and hands.

Gross motor: referring to movement of large muscles in arms, legs and trunk.

Hypersensitivity: Over sensitive to sensory input, characterised by a tendency to be either fearful or cautious

Hyper-reactive: Over reacts to sensory input, may appear anxious, or over-cautious

Hypo-sensitivity: Under sensitivity to sensory input as expected, can appear to ignore or not be aware, can be difficult to engage.

Intervention: Often referred to as treatment, programme, therapy, etc.

Manual dexterity: The ability to manipulate, use items, tools with one or two hands in a variety of ways and with a variety of grasps.

Motor planning: the ability to conceive of, organise, sequence and carry out unfamiliar and complex body movement in a co-ordinated manner.

Occupational Therapy: A health profession that helps people improve the functioning of their nervous system in order to develop skill leading to independence in personal, social, academic and vocational pursuits.

Physiotherapy: A health profession devoted to improving through activities that strengthen muscular control and motor co-ordination.

Praxis: the ability to interact successgfully with the physical environment, to plan, organise, and carry out a sequence of unfamiliar actions, and to do what one needs and wants to do.

Sensory diet: the multi-sensory experiences that one normally seeks on a daily basis to satisfy one’s sensory appetite, a planned and scheduled activity program that an Occupational Therapist develops to help a person become more regulated.

Speech and Language therapy: The health professional concerned with the development of communication and language, both understood and expressed using words.

Role of Occupational Therapist

Executive Function – attention, processing, recall memory, organisational skills

Activities of Daily Living Environmental adaptations Handwriting
Gross and fine motor skills Self-regulation

Emotional Regulation Play and social skills

Early Intervention Services

Aims to get children ready for the challenges of mainstream preschool and school.

Run by SLT, OT and Teachers.

Each child has their own personal goals.

Focuses on Listening, Language, Motor, Emotional Regulation, Social Communication and Play skills

Parent Education and Training Home Visits
School and Preschool Liaison

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Achieve Therapy consists of a team of experienced Speech, Language and Occupational therapists. This specialist clinic offers combined speech and occupation therapies to provide support for children with a wide range of special needs.